Honda Goldwing new 2010 Overview Specification

Motor-owned touring Japan's largest motorcycle manufacturer, Honda Goldwing will soon rise from the grave. Because of this flapping wings bearing manufacturer is ready to market this bike back in 2012.

Large state-owned Honda Motor itself has stopped production at its plant in 2009, U.S. Ohio ago and actually be born in 2011 but delayed until 2012.
Honda Goldwing new 2010 Overview Specification

When it comes to touring, there's really only one bike that should ever enter the conversation. That's the Gold Wing, Honda Powersports' standard-bearer, the technological and luxury feature showcase rolled up into a machine Cycle World magazine has named one of its “Top 10 Bikes” an incredible 17 times! No surprise, since the Gold Wing is truly a touring bike that has it all: power, sporting performance, and long-range amenities to make any trip a first-class ticket to paradise. Rest assured that, on the 2010 Gold Wing, your touring experience will be the ultimate in long-distance luxury.

Previously, because of delays and lack of clarity when the rebirth of this great motorcycle, Goldwing even rumored to be buried only in the history of Honda. But Honda dismissed the rumors.

says that production has been prepared at the factory Goldwing Kumamoto in Japan in mid-2011. Honda seems to move production from U.S. to Japan.

But even though Honda says the next Goldwing Goldwing birth is a truly new, American Honda said even if their equipment to make the Goldwing has been sent to the new factory. If so, is Goldwing 2012 this will have the same platform with the Goldwing 2009 and will only have a few modifications.

Surprisingly again, Honda has not planned to bring the face of this new Goldwing in the event the Milan Motor Show, known as the most prestigious car show in the world which will be held in November this year. And usually the products that will be released next 1-2 years its form can be seen in this event.

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